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2002-09-19 - 11:22 a.m.

Got a letter from my mom:

hey guy hope the trip was good. it was pretty hard letting you go. you know that right? i can't wait till i see you on chat. it will drive me nuts till i do.

I got chloe all signed up for school. She doesn't seem to excited about going. was she happy going to day care before? i am excited about dressing her up and getting her ready.

her clothes are all layed out on the dinning room table ready for her. i will send a pic some time on tuesday so you can see her. talked to the lady whos does the breakfast and lunches. making sure everything is going good on that end. asked them to let me know if she doesn't eat enough. it will probably take a week or so for her to settle in.

I'm going to take care of storage tomorrow. i was going to put the stuff in storage. computer and cd and dvd's but i can't find where you put the storage keys. i thought you took them off the car keys and put them somewhere. got to find them. so let me know where you put them ok?

i can't believe i let you go so far. i thought florida was far. you are on the other side of the earth. i want you back. can't stand it. chloe is the only thing that is keeping me from crying and breaking down.

it is 8:30 here. we had dinner and put a movie in at 8:10 and guess what she is out like a light. this is cool.

it will help so must if she gets in that habit. crossing our fingers.

once you get this let me know.

miss you so much already


mom and dad

Took some pictures this morning.

This is the outside of my building. It is where I live and work. This is a color photograph.

On the ground floor if you look up the staircase, this is what you see. I work/live on the top floor.

These are of the marketplace that's across the street. There are about 100, maybe 150 stores like this, each of them selling fresh cuts, pastries, sausages,'s massive.

I bought veggies for a week's worth of dinners. It cost me 1 dollar and 25 cents worth of Hungarian forints.

See those huge sauasages? They cost less than one dollar each. I like sausages. (fag)

When I went to put away my groceries, I saw this package in the freezer. Yes, it's ice. If you know why that is so fucking incredibly ironic, then you're laughing right now.

I am not laughing right now, FYI.

Ok, I'm kind of laughing.

Ok, now I stopped laughing, and have to do some work.

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