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2002-09-20 - 9:52 p.m.

woke up-500 crunches

breakfast you saw

looked at apartments

(chloe needs her own room)

gang ped gai for dinner

two hours in the gym

five solid working hours

got my dictionary and a new book

took some photos

talked to Chloe


I'm going out again. Not two, but one, so it is okay. She's white.

How terribly exotic.

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this wall has no mortar
35 Years old. 1971.
Taurus. Year of the Pig. Oink
Greying. Dyes, on occasion.
Blue/Green/Grey Eyes.
5'11. Okay, 5'10
215 pounds of boy
dad. married father.
love, big fan of/in
day: sr proj manager
night: pro wrestler (grr)

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