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2002-09-21 - 12:45 p.m.


I ate some grapes and some kind of egg cream filled pastry this morning, fresh juice, coffee and am ready to go.

Took my employees out. One of the four guys who came with me and the girls is still not in. He has some sort of manic depression and his getting rejected by one of the girls didn't help. The other three, Goat (Baldisar?sp? is his real name) Gabor, and Atilla were each an hour late...but plan on being here after hours to make up.

I am a hard ass, yes, but they were an hour later than the "come in an hour late" that I gave them.

One of the girls who was out with us was really funny and clever. She told me she liked old 70's sci-fi movies, and the way the future looked then, as opposed to how it is depicted in today's movies.

In today's flicks, the future is dark, and shadowy, vulgar and today's standards of morality are twisted and obscene.

But in the old movies, it was always a look at something social, something that questioned who we are today and where it will lead us into the next century (or beyond). Not just the trite "Things blew up. Now they suck" formula.

Logan's run is her favorite. We were sitting there, and American and a Norwegian girl in Hungary talking about Logan's run and laughing like retards because we were five drinks in by then.

My "date" was busy having fun and talking to Goat, and she spoke little english, so the switch was on.

Showed baby pictures, got the requisite awwws and do-you-miss-hers? (of course), of course, and just kinda ended up back here talking and continuing to hang out. Everyone took off, around 5am....and I woke her up around 9 so she could be safely out and at school (She's in med school here) for her study group before anyone showed up to the studio to work.

It was a good evening, and now I have someone to show me the city and hang out with. Her name was Annete`.

She's super cute, and pixie-like, very much the opposite of who I'm attracted to though. You can see her in my little digithumbs I took. I like them, they are quick and painless and they show more how the night was than a bunch of "SAY CHEESE" pics do.

No, I didn't the sex.

I'm not that kind of girl.

I did wake up with someone's arms around me, that was nice.

so yeah.

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