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2002-09-22 - 11:17 p.m.

Going out in a bit. I had a great day today. Things are really coming together with my projects at work, and I found the perfect apartment for Chloe and I.

It's a 2 bedroom, about 925 square feet, and has an amazing (although not huge) kitchen and a great view of the streets and a corner view.

It's not a danube river view like the Studio, but Chloe can't live here, since I don't want to take a chance on one of the models from the other company coming up and corrupting her with her pornotude.

It's close to the metros, and is what is best for us I think. I will have to pay around 100 bucks out of pocket to make it work, but it will be worth it.

Craig his girlfriend and her daughter took me and Mike out tonight to this Medieval Times HUNGARIAN STYLE ACTION place to eat. I had Boars Fist.

I also ate soup, that on the menu had the following english translation:

My turky meets his doom in my dixie! Maybe this poultry feels it?

Yeah, so ...right, okay then.

I took some very random photos, Craig's gf Kati is in two, her daughter is so cute. The rest of the people I don't know.

Turn away if you dislike random imagery.

I'm going to shower right quick-like, so I can go out and have a few beers with a friend.

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