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2002-09-23 - 9:43 a.m.

Over the course of my life, many people have suggested that I was a genius, always commenting and propping me up, telling me how smart I was.

Justin, you're so smart. You're the smartest guy I know.

If I am a genius, I am not impressed with geniuses.

It's 10am (almost) and I need to start my day. I have a huge head cold.

There's some medicine that's here in the studio that looks like cold medicine. It has a sketched black line head of some guy with sad eyes and lightining off the side of his temples.

Remember when the bedhead look got big? I wonder if the sleepyface look will ever get into style. You know, with eyes crusty and pillow lines on your cheek, a special spray that gives you artificial morning breath...

Don't say never, just remember when people wore mesh Hawaii 88 shirts and polyester plaid bell bottoms.

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