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2002-09-25 - 9:40 a.m.

I've gone through the trouble of finding an apartment that's right for Chloe and I. This one is very big. Two bedroom, 1 1/5 bath, walk in closet....beautiful parquet floors and checkered tile in the main hallway.

I really like it, and the photos don't do it justice. The resturants near it are fabulous, what a gay word, but there are so many amazing places to eat and drink and read and and and and...

Oh and there's two great parks in walking distance, one with a huge swarm of kids Chloe's age last two times I've walked by it.

5 mins by metro to work, and her school.

I like.

The view from the living room, the corner room into the bedroom I'll be using for myself. My room has the least amount of light, only because sunrises are coming from the other side of the building.

I'd rather have the sunsets anyways.

There's a quartered off part of the living room with a small doorway that leads down towards the main hallway of the apartment.

This picture doesn't really show how great the double doors look or how tall the whole place is. Maybe I should have stood there for effect.

This is from Chloe's room, looking into the living room. The door to the bathroom, kind of steps down, and is off to the left.

The bathroom has nice tile, and looks horrible here but it's not. There's no dryer, just these hanger things above the whole room, like from the ceiling....hard to explain.

There's not many dryers in Hungary.

This is looking from the living room towards Chloe's room. Her double doors are great too...

The shelf will hold all the books I have brought and all the ones I buy while I'm here. Maybe I need to put an amazon wish list, right? yeah! I bet nobody will send me anything but HATE. (see reverse psychology)

This is the main part of the hallway viewing the door to the apartment. It's great open space, and coming in out of the rain will be nice and not constricting.

It does rain alot here.

Today the landlord is furnishing it.

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