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2002-09-26 - 4:47 p.m.

Like I said, I talked to Chloe earlier today, and the webcam snaps every five or six seconds, and I showed her the apartment,and office, (the one i'm in now, not ours).

SO yeah.

Anyways, I had a really weird dream last night. I didn't think i'd remember it if i didn't write it right then, and i was right.

Okay, so my brother Dereck and my cousin Troy and I went fishing and I dropped the tackle over the side of the boat and dove after it.

I got to the bottom of the lake, and I saw three glimmering objects. I swam back up with the heavy tackle, and dove back down immediately.

Troy got scared and dove after me, and I had my arms around one of the objects, and hooked the other two with my feet.

The first one was a metal book...stainless steel. and it said:

"Forgive me."

and there was something else it said, but I can't remember now...I remember thinking it was weird.

The other two objects were strange was a sword, very thin.

The third, a long flowing jacket, which was heavy, and thick, like steel, but was could drop it off your shoulders and it would have fallen to the ground, like any other coat.

Pick it up, and it would be heavy steel.

ON the jacket it said Matter. and below that...matters not.

Then if you looked at the jacket, things would fly towards it, if you focused on them and just be absorbed. Not just like...a flower, or a rock...but if you looked at a bird in a tree..that image was gone, and nothign was in it's just got absorbed.

All over the jacket it was shimmering, and I could see events, and places, sort of twisted and one-off from the things I remember seeing, in history books, tv, life, everything.

I realized that as I wore the jacket longer, everything was rushing towards me....and into the jacket. all mass was pushing towards the fabric of the jacket, and being rearranged.

Then there was just me and troy and dereck, for some reason they didn't get sucked in. There was no land, no dock, no water, no sky, nothing. just Us three, and they were crying and yelling at me, and all these events were on the jacket, wars, headlines from newspapers, rockets going up into was just a flash of events one after another...

And then it started to pull in those two...Dereck holding the book opening the pages trying to read to see how to turn it off I guess.and he started screaming at me, to take the jacket off.. and I wanted to run but I couldn't move--

--and Troy grabbed the sword from my hands and stabbed me in the chest all the way through.with it to make it stop, and everything flooded out of me in a flash of white and we were back where we started on the boat,

only I didn't drop the tackle this time.

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