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2002-09-29 - 11:00 a.m.

Ely sometimes, i like to wish that theres another one of me existing in an alternate cosmos, and he is like really rich and is some crazy smart scientist

Ely but also like really vain

Ely so he wants to travel to every universe where someone like him could exist and make sure he decks them out with lots of cash

Ely so im waiting for me to come give me lots of money

Ely if i could do that i totally would, so if i exist in another universe and can IT IS HAPPENING

Ely just need to wait, i figure

Pijohos time is on your side.

Pijohos i think i'm the best me that exists.

Pijohos how horrible

Pijohos ely

Pijohos do you believe you could also be a really evil version that wants to eliminate all other elys?

Pijohos and maybe there's one who wants to stop THAT evil ely

Pijohos what if he has to stop that evil one, by killing ely's until he finds the right one, because he knows, since he's ely too, that the evil ely might try to pretend he's not evil..

Pijohos then later one he sees the result of the prophecy and realizes that all along, he was the evil ely.

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