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2002-09-30 - 9:34 a.m.

A ticket
pulled turned punched

rushing down down down
winds rushing up and around everyone

Astoria two stops
the clocks count up not down
till the next train arrives
Why is that?

piling out
squeezing in
two stops
I'd rather stand

two blocks south
two blocks east
half a block south

keys in hand
book in crook
theres a sticker in the elevator with David Hasselhoff from baywatch

his eyes are scratched out.

more keys
more locks
gates and doors
in and in and in and home


then the door buzzer
his sister
the landlord
we just met
she's pretty and tall
and smart

and white (how exotic!)

I'm new to here
to this
to all of it and she has tourist books and directions and maps that her brother asked her to drop by.

what's the bottle for? (big date?)
her father (i've met)
drinks bourbon (i too)
and wants me to try palinka he made (sold!)

she sits
we drink
we talk
we brush against one another several times

and we pretend that it's all just accidental and a matter of course.

of course.

cold tile
wet feet
warm hands and lips
and kisses
and more

and that was my first night in my new apartment.

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