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2002-10-04 - 3:55 p.m.

My friend Sandi is going through alot, and she still took the time to have my daughter for a day today, and give her a playdate with her son and daughter. I know much much Chloe likes them, and it means so much to me that she thinks enough of Chloe and I to give up some of her time to play Aunt Sandi.

She's about the only friend I'd trust like that, with about two or three exceptions....Shelly, and Rae are about it.

I wish I could have returned the favor a few times though...

Today my friend Craig and I went to the marketplace to pick up some stuff for his girlfriend to cook him dinner. She has a 7 year old, who I can't wait to introduce Chloe too. Maybe she won't feel TOO old to play with her...I hope.

It would be nice to have Chloe pick up another language, and kids learn quickest from each other, and by example.

I need to shop. My new pretty kitchen has nothing in it. It's so cheap to eat out though... One thing I will never get used to is how different Chinese food is, in every country. In saudi, in england, well in England it's HORRIBLE, but korea, portugal, mexico, it's different everywhere. I think american chinese is far superior. Except of course, chinese food IN china. yum.

I have a bottle of Makers Mark, some Evian, protein powder, amino acid compounds, vitamins, some eggs, ice, a bottle of wine and three or four small bottles of Palinka.

See a trend?

Anyways, for lunch we had these little sandwiches. They are around 30 cents each, and if you put 3 or 4 together you might have a decent sized sandwich. They have tons of types to order, from Feta, to mussels, to salmon, turkey, cheese, egg salad, to some really yucky looking ones like Camembert(wtf) to herring, caviar, to my personal vote for bizarre sandwich name of the year: Mexican Meat Mushroom Salad.

Tonight I'm going out with my Landlord's sister...the girl that I was playing kissy face like a teenager all night last week, and I'm excited. She looks alot like daphne zuniga, and is very well read, educated, smart, clever, and her english is much better than most of the people I've met here.

We've not decided what we are doing tonight, I'm trusting her decision, but I am hesitant to get too into dating someone who I am likely to see alot since it's Zoltan's sister.


Zoltan=ex-military sniper.

She's really drawing me in though. I am sure I will make the most disruptive and unhealthy decision possible, as is my modus operandi.

This is my new work sweater. I feel like I can blend in now, with my european sweater, my awkward haircut, and my Ivan Mandy short story collection under my nose on the tram in the morning.

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