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2002-10-06 - 4:45 p.m.

I'm in a weird mood.

I got my phone set up. Made some calls, first one to grandma and chloe, and mom made sure she pointed out that my brother was hoping I'd call. So I did (both of them) and they were at a softball tournament or something, and I got answering machines.

I hate those.

So I haven't talked to my brothers yet. I will have been here a month on the sixteenth, so what's that make so far? 20 days in country?

I think I'm doing well acclimating myself to the place. Just 20 days....When I talked to Chloe it seemed like her vocabulary had gotten bigger, and that her sentences were strutured better, maybe I'm imagining that and it's the same as before, but I'd guess that the school environment has helped her tremendously.

I see things everyday that I want to take her to see with me. The bad part is that when she gets here, she won't be able to see alot of them because it will be the middle of winter.

So we'll have alot of indoor time. She's never seen snow either. Except some fake snow at Universal Islands.

I'm growing anxious to have her here, and I'm not even halfway to the time I go to get her. It would be easier if her mom flew her over, but I know she probably can't afford to miss any work.

So it looks like I'll fly back, stay the weekend, and get right back on for a 22 hour adventure, this time with a four year old in tow. FUN.

I cooked my first dinner this weekend, before going out with Bogi. We caught up with her friends at a few bars, and the group kept getting bigger and bigger as we bounced from pub to pub.

It was an eclectic group, the three head shaved lesbians, giving sidelong glances to each other all night, very self-conscious, the german student that Bogi went to university with in Berlin a few years ago...the roommate, the girlfriend of a friend, more and more...till we had a dozen people at the table.

We drank and danced till four am, her nuzzling closer as the night drew out. Kisses behind the ear, hands on thighs, and backs, and fingers locked a few times.

Still, I don't know...I mean I enjoy my time with her. She's very energetic and wild, but she told me she's just 23, 24 this month, invited me to her party, so obviously when I thought she was 25, I had the age wrong, or Zoltan was wrong, either way, young girls will be the death of me, I am sure.

I'm cooking dinner for her and her roomate this week...but she talked to me last night on the phone and said her roommate might not make it, so who knows?

I can't figure girls out.

Here's my first dinner in my kitchen:

left to right top to bottom.

1.calendar left by Zoltan. I feel weird taking it down and throwing it away. I tried to, but there are dates circled and stuff, and they have some writing near them, and I'd feel awful if it was really important to him.

2.veggies for stew; turkey meat too.

3.fridge. sparsely populated.

4.the lonely bachelor table with one chair. one fucking chair, how sad. out of place green lightshade tile. dizzying. (also my shoes) mugs.

8.the foldaway pantry. potatoes and onions are all I have in there right now.

9.cereal, wine (bordeaux)olive oil, sugar, vinegar, cooking sherry, bourbon, cookbooks. drying oval thing.

11.stove burner. potatoes boiling

12.vegetable peelings. I have to pick those up with my hands. yuck.

On my way to the office I took a few pictures of the synagogue that's right around the corner from me, on Wesselyni Utca, my street. I'm told it's the 2nd largest one in the world.

This is a building that overlooks the street opposite of the synagogue. It has these beautiful painted and carved tile saints. I bet they painted them and made the building higher than the synagogue out of spite.

I'm going to the gym now. I'm 185 lbs. I have a 33 inch waist. I feel horrible today, but I don't want to miss a day. I don't know what's so weird inside of me that keeps gnawing at me, like I'm forgetting something, or what...but I don't like it.

Maybe I'll come back and listen to the Buffalo game on

Go Bills.

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