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2002-10-18 - 1:10 p.m.

Dear Hungarian TV Set,

I really like watching you when I am winding down my day. I am glad that you show alot of soccer games, and also have shown three WOW THREE Arsenal games on TV in their entirety, and even one in English, which was very considerate of you.

I don't understand why you show me the same four or five videos over and over on your music video channel, but that's just such a minor thing...

I don't like the man you have on CNN with his big giant horseteeth, and inbred british face, but it is in English, and I am thankful for that brief respite, from Magyar, which is also okay, but I have one request:

When I'm flipping through channels, and I hit the porno channel, could you do me a big favor?

Could you make it so that every single time it's not a scene with a hairy fat guy having anal sex with a girl giving oral sex to some dude in a button up shirt with his pants around his ankles?

That's really my only problem with you, Hungarian Television Set.

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