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2002-10-21 - 8:37 p.m.

I had a dream my father was making me a bookshelf. He told me that he was very excited, and had never done anything like this and felt that maybe our relationship had suffered because of it.

He was very happy and was working hard on the shelf.

I left and did something else in the dream, and then came back and he was taking all of my books and sawing them. He had trimmed about 20 of my books, because they were too tall to fit in the bookshelf.

He was panicky and trying to get all the books done in time, before I returned.

I was furious and started yelling at him and calling him stupid.

You're so stupid, whats wrong with you, I can't read those books now!!

He was crying and very ashamed.

But you already read them...I thought it would be okay.... I can't even do this right

There was a big pile of the bottom half of all my books on the ground. He kept sawing and crying and I felt miserable.

I kept yelling at him.

I also found these tiny books. They are socialism and communism content books from teh 60's and 70's.

There are a dozen or so I got, total now. I am going to keep finding more. They are rad. Check out the karate training in this one:

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