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2002-10-24 - 7:38 p.m.

There's a really sad person who used to AIM me all the time. I never really liked this person, as a person, and we would constantly argue over moral issues, and what not. I really did hope that she got her life together, and even once offered to pay for her divorce, since she said she had no way out or any money to do that....anyways.

Today she writes in her journal a barb at me, about not having my daughter here....really sad stuff.

I don't get some people. You know, I don't think I've made the right decisions every day of my life, but as far as my daughter goes, I have the utmost confidence in my ability and execution as a parent.

Chloe is stable, smart, funny, and knows that she has dozens of people who love her very much. (not as much as me, although her gradma might disagree)

Anyways, this was the last real conversation her and I's very enlightening:

Kwisty2k: I just wanted to inform you that for the last 7 months since I moved back in with him he's been having an affair with Mrs. Cleaver consistently lying to me and worse than that he's been bribing my son to lie to me too. He has been

paying her bills and therefore the bills in this house have been paid sporatically at best, she was the reason he never had any money. much for me being

the problem!

Pijohos: so leave! get a divorce! shut the fuck up. i told you this a thousand times. is this a big shock?

Kwisty2k: I stole 1200 from his wallet this morning and Keith and I are moving

out immediately. My bosses have been kind enough to give me the week off and

Brad is flying down to help me move everything out in one day.

Pijohos: good deal. best of luck. he's a scumbag anyways.

Pijohos: i guess both parents won't be in walking distance from each other after all? wow, strange how situation dictates behavior isn't it?

Kwisty2k: that's not true

Kwisty2k: his father will be within walking distance

Kwisty2k: i am not moving to NC

Kwisty2k: i am staying here

Kwisty2k: Brad's just coming to help me

Pijohos: get records of everything so you get child support and custody.

Kwisty2k: i have 4 of his cell phone bills where he's calling her constantly

Kwisty2k: she's married

Pijohos: big fucking deal. subpoena bank account records.

Kwisty2k: her husband's seen visually

Kwisty2k: he has no bank account

Kwisty2k: losers don't have those

Pijohos: i thought you didn't live in the same residence as your husband?

Kwisty2k: i don't

Pijohos: so where are you moving out of?

Kwisty2k: he moved out 3 weeks ago telling me he was moving in with a friend of his from work

Kwisty2k: that was never true

Kwisty2k: he's been shacked up with her

Pijohos: how did you lean over while he was sleeping and watch him breathing?

Kwisty2k: i am moving out of the house that's leased in his name

Kwisty2k: he's come over here and stayed in the interim

Pijohos: he's obviously not so impotent then

Kwisty2k: he's been here then there but i didn't know where there was

Pijohos: if he's shacking up with her

Kwisty2k: exactly

Kwisty2k: he lied

Kwisty2k: what else is new

Kwisty2k: i don't even know if hes' really sick

Pijohos: you said you went to doctors with him

Kwisty2k: i think he made it all up for an excuse for where his money was going

Kwisty2k: i did

Kwisty2k: he's gone enough times to make it look real

Kwisty2k: but i called doctors yesterday

Kwisty2k: all they say is he's seeing them

Kwisty2k: they won't tell me anything conclusive

Kwisty2k: not allowed

Kwisty2k: but i think its all a lie

Pijohos: jeonga could always get my medical records. why can't you?

Pijohos: she found out everything.

Kwisty2k: she probably used an attorney

Pijohos: maybe. she would have told me I think, but I didn't care so much. I know she won't snag chloe.

Kwisty2k: i did however get some stuff in the mail from a doctor telling another doctor that all tests were inconclusive and that he found nothing wrong and he was some sort of specialist

Pijohos: well are you done talking to this loser who runs out on his wife and marriage and abondons his family and is a horrible father who leaves his daughter to go overseas?

Pijohos: (abandons)

Kwisty2k: i don't think those things Justin

Pijohos: fuck off

Kwisty2k: geez

Pijohos: for someone who takes words so seriously and imports such passion with hers, you would think that maybe you'd think before you start throwing them around.

Pijohos: nitey.

Pijohos: go back and read your own journal, and then come back with 10 reasons why I should be interested in talking to you? it's littered with ramblings about me that don't necessarily reflect anything but a severe dislike for who I am, and what I do, so why do you care to talk to me?

Kwisty2k: obviously you can't comprehend that i'm going through a ton of shit right now in my life and it doesn't always afford me thinking clearly

Pijohos: I guess that's it. I guess I simply cannot comprehend.

Now, I haven't really written about this person before, because I felt that maybe it was an issue that was better served just left alone. Maybe, since she reads this stupid journal of mine still, she can read her own words and see how lost she is.

Maybe I'm not superman, and the best person, but I'm honest with myself. I think that is a good place to start.

And as for the crack about my daughter...yeah I didn't know why she was wearing a sombrero....see, luckily my mom has a great digital camera that she sends me photos of my daughter (who I talk to almost every night, and will broke as a pile of rocks because of it) at my brothers wedding the SECOND she got home from their weekend ceremony, like 1am her time....she's not a picture to me.

She's everything.

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