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2002-10-26 - 7:18 p.m.

Today's Chloe's 4th Birthday. Big party my mom and I planned for her, going on in about 8 hours. I'm so excited. I'm going to try to get some DV streamed over here tomorrow. (if mom can follow my instructions, I'm a horrible teacher)

Mom's making cakes, Sandy and her kids coming over, family, cousins, everyone but me. I miss her so much.

I can't wait to have her here, God 4 years....She'll be in kindergarten next year, so crazy.


Wow I remember looking down at the Doctor,

is she going to start breathing?

Why are you putting that tube in her throat?

That looks like CPR,

can I help,

Okay I'll stand over here,

but is she okay?

She's blue, is she supposed to be blue? Okay, she's crying

shes crying

she's okay...

she's four.

Photos mom sent me....and one of me in 2 new sweaters I bought. I have no winter clothes and am buying them when I find ones I like.

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