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2002-10-27 - 7:53 p.m.

Until I turned 30, when I met Susan, I had never even asked a girl to dance in a bar. 30 years old wow!

Until I got here, I never walked up to a girl in a bar, with full intentions to get her phone number, call her, and ask her out.


Now, I get here, and nobody speaks english, at least not as a native speaker, and I end up having these pantomiming, paper napkin, dictionary-wielding conversations, and yes, I've even gotten a few numbers.

I've met this girl from kazakhstan, named Gulfairuz, such a cutie.

Get this:

Alot of girls from there are asian looking, short, petite dark skin and hair, and speak english with russian accents, and DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDoes that ever turn me on.

Okay....anyways,so I also met a doctor, beautiful girl, 28-30, in her residency now, and actually SHE asked for my number, another first.

*I think it's because I dyed my hair again*

SO I have two dates, maybe week. I can have good conversations with both of them, they both speak conversational english, and I am looking forward to having dinner with someone who isn't talking about which model they will be fucking later (some of my co-workers).

So, yes, I've been out a bunch of times, had some good and interesting evenings and weekends, and it's okay here.

I have exactly 28 days before CHLOE, and I'm making the most of it.

I took pictures today:

This building is probably old. It's under repair, so I couldn't get close to find out what it was/is.

Seriously, if I worked in that the office building that you can see the arrow pointing to, and I wanted to show my friends where i worked, I'd go take pictures from right there.

This lady is onto me.

I don't know.

See previous old building comments

The average hungarian wage is around 300 dollars us, which is around 75,000 HUF give or take, and this dog must be some superdog, like maybe he can talk or something, a month's salary and more (possibly) for a dog. I'd go search every pound in budapest and start trying to find a copy of that dog or something, if I was the average hungarian.

Phone Booth.

There's a parking garage where the walls are painted in murals by various local artists.

The Don Quixote on the donkey's ass is kind of redundant, but whatever.


I love this one.

I don't really like these.

I don't really like these.

Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. OH if Google brought you here, at least you didn't search for Diaper Shit Girl, that was my most common search entry, I guess it will be now again too. Damnit. DAMN YOU BROKEN DELETE KEY

There are elections going on right now. They put the candidate posters everywhere. Sometimes eyes are clawed out and my favorite is when they have two or three posters deep, and the poster guy's all thinking nobody's clawing my guy's eyes out, I'm stacking these deep this time

Only the eye clawers will keep on clawing till they remove all eyes and then there's FULL ON SOCKETS instead of just missing eyes from posters.

This one though, just gum.

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