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2002-11-01 - 2:39 p.m.

Mom sent me some halloween pics of the girls going out.

So funny, Todd(cousin)and his wife Jenna have Audrey, Kevin(brother) and Janine, have Jordyn, and me (me) Chloe.

They all went out begging for candy last night. Chloe was so excited and told me she has a brand new "Candy Lantern".

Here's some pics.

I guess she's a ladybug? Why are Todd's eyes all stonerish?

I think he's supposed to be Willie Nelson, because he borrowed the acoustic from my garage. I don't know what janine is supposed to be. Jordyn is the green M&M and you know what they say about the green ones.

My baby! My princess, So cute. Behind them are a few of the quilts my mother, grandmother and great aunt have made. There are about two dozen.

She will always look just like that to me! Argh, dating will be a nightmare.

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