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2002-11-26 - 5:55 p.m.

So. Yeah.

4 days till I get my baby girl. I can't wait. I'm buying a portable DVD player for her, to replace the one that "mysteriously dissapeared" from my bag at a show a year ago.

This one is better than hers, and it's 800 dollars cheaper (or we wouldn't be getting it anyways) and will keep her busy on the trip over.

She's so big. My mom sent me a few pics of her, thanks mom, and in turn I harped on her about her smoking.

My mom, not my daughter.

I'm excited to have her over, and even better news, her mom says she's coming up to sac to see her before she goes. That's really got me very excited for Chloe, but I haven't told her.

Her mom's said that a dozen times, and a dozen times I've had to explain that she didn't find the time, or was busy at work, or was well, sick.

I've ran out of lies, but I'm sure that I can come up with something if her mom no-shows.

Enough talk like that, I might jinx it.

I am going to get 2 pets. I decided. A kitten for Chloe and either a hedgehog for me, or a ferrett. I have had a ferrett before, and a friend with a hedgehog, and fell in love with it, and want one or the other.

I'd rather get them at the same time, so that they get used to each other, and us at the same we'll see.

Either way, 2 pets. Decided.

I took some more pics, got some new clothes, readied myself for the trip, and have packed up luggage in anticipation for the flight home.

I wrestle once saturday, and the rest of time (hah) is with the family. If her mom does show up, she can have the entire weekend with Chloe, I will have the rest of the year with her.

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