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2002-12-10 - 10:31 a.m.

Wow! Hadn't written in awhile.

I guess that means things are peachy. Chloe's here, and we had an absolutely perfect flight here, very few hiccups.

I didn't sleep till we got on the flight to Amsterdam, and then we both got 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

Had a seven hour layover, and decided to take her to the city. We went to Vondelstraat, and to the Main Terminal on the train, walked along a few canals, saw some of the city, she loved the buildings, and we took some pictures.

She really liked seeing everyone ride around on bikes, huge packs of them, and when we got back to the train station to go to catch our flight to Budapest, she was sad. It didn't help that as we were heading to the visa booth to get our passports checked she swung her bag of candy treats into a post and spilled tiny hard candy everywhere. She totally exploded into tears on that.

Pictures in Amsterdam:

Here's here with her very first passport stamp (for Holland).

We arrived in Budapest and she was happy to get home and other than the fact that she HATES walking anywhere and constantly complains about how she's tired and doesn't like to walk, she's adjusting just fine.

I've got a friend watching her days here, until her school starts after holiday break, so she's got good supervision and is really coming along as far as opening up earlier to people.

She loves her room, and the apartment, and I'm really happy. It's easy to see that she's happy too.

It's hard having her back here, after being Single-guy-Justin for the last two months, quite honestly, so we're both adjusting on some levels.

I think that because it's freezing here now, she's more fussy. Maybe when the city warms up she will too.

We haven't found a kitten she is happy with, and she's now switched gears to wanting a bunny rabbit. I don't know how I feel about that. A ferrett maybe, a hedgehog, I could live with, but a bunny rabbit?

Having my daughter back has really made me much happier. I don't see how things could get any better than they are right now.

Thank you Lilah for hosting my pics today!

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