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2002-12-11 - 12:35 p.m.

(Ely) 20 or so years ago

(Ely) im not

(Ely) i weigh like 150 at most

(Ely) i am one of those people who eats a ton and cant gain weight

(Ely) because i have some freakish metabolism like a super mutant from a comic book

(Ely) which might aid me as a secret agent, im unsure

(Ely) on one hand i can eat all i want, on the other hand i start to shake and get dizzy if i dont eat for like 10 hours

(Ely) but maybe i can like ABSORB poisons and shit

(Ely) i might have all kinds of body chemisty abilities i havent even begun to touch on

(Ely) today

(Ely) we had a GAS LEAK

(Ely) and i sat in here breahting it FOREVER

(Ely) and i got this hellish headache but i DIDNT DIE

(Ely) maybe i could USE THIS SKILL TOWARDS THWARTING THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STARTS OF AMERIKA (with a K because the secret secret rulers of the secret organization (this is even a secret from us) are the sons of the nazis who fled to south america)

(Ely) jesus i need to sleep


(Grogan) who knwe!

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