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2002-12-18 - 3:40 p.m.

Chloe finally got to play in the snow.

We've spent the past week or so spending time getting to know each other all over again, and while there has been one or two bouts per day, there's alot less "WHY'S" but just as many "MY FEET HURT'S" from having to walk around everywhere.

It's a big city, and it's not so warm, but now that it's snowing and the roads are wet and the sidewalks covered in white, she's been excited to go outside.

Last night we took a trip to the mall to get her some new gloves ,a scarf, and mittens.

She hates the purple hat I throw on her, she absolutely HATES it. I love it, with the little beanie and the straps that go under her chin, it makes her look so cozy.

These guys are protesting the war on terrorism, citing that the US is the terrorists, and saddam isn't. The guy far left holding the Iraqi flag usually begs for coins near the train station entrance to the mall.

I didn't recognize the other protesters, but they didn't look like they had homes, and weren't really vocal about their support for Iraq. They mostly just stood around.

It's so packed on the trams that chloe gets lost in the shuffle.

This is the place where I watch chess. Sometimes I get to play. or did. before chloe. Now, probably not since she would bother the old men.

I need to find someone to play some chess with me here. Or via yahoo. something....My game is horrible now I'm sure.

We went to get something to eat, and went for Japanese, since West End has a sushi place right near the theater.

Chloe was being so fussy for some reason, I think over her suspenders.

The above image is tricky. You can see Chloe running from them if you look directly on the right most portion of the image. She's backpeddling. I don't know what their fucking deal was. They were advertising for a puppet show, but they literally ignored or waved their creepy arms at the kids and scared them away.

I told her her hair was messy.

I don't know why the hot dog man would be so happy to make himself more desirable to eat. It just seems counter-productive. Holy cow. Look at her face, she looks just like me there.

She looks nothing like the the rest of the time, thank goodness.

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