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2003-01-15 - 5:46 p.m.

I'm in love.

I miss her in the mornings, her absence so profound and evident...the bed seems so huge without her in it.

I miss her at lunch, food tastes so dry and unsatisfying.

I miss her at dinners, haven't had a dessert since she left.

I miss her when I see something funny, or interesting, or beautiful...nobody to turn to and share it with.

I miss her when I make tea. I miss how she'd always light up at the sight of me, bringing her a tiny thing, just water, and tea, and sugar and a spoon. Something so simple.

I miss her and Chloe dancing in the big room. Dancing and laughing, my little girl wanting to emulate everything Marie does, spinning and pretending to be a ballerina, as I hide, just out of view, so I don't embarass Chloe.

I miss her singing in the bath. Her voice carrying sentiments unshared with anyone but me. Water too hot, too cold, but perfect.

I can close my eyes and hear her voice, see her smile form, her eyes light up, her mouth shaping the words, I love you Justin, though the real thing can't come soon enough.

I miss her lips against mine.

She is a gift, and I love her.

47 days

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