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2003-02-15 - 11:31 a.m.

It's 230 am.

Valentines Day.

My first valentines day, in my entire life, Imean that, that I am *with* someone I love andcherish more than anything else.

I've never felt closer to anyone, on this day,than I am now, with you, irregardless of the physical and spatial differences between us.

You're inside of me, in my heart, my dreams, my plans for the future, you're woven in.

Valentines Day, just a day, like any other, and I've bought flowers, and you've gotten them, flowers that are long dead, dust and probably taken the form of new ones by now....

Promises made and never kept, nothingness as soon as they left the lips that uttered them.

No permanence.

Not until now, not until us.

Hours have turned into days, to weeks, to months now, and through it all, we've managed to get even closer, to fall deeper, to love more intensely and with more passion each day.

How is that?

I am amazed, and grateful, and perplexed that so many people see you every day, and have for years, and don't see what I do...or maybe they

do, and know they aren't meant for you, or you for them.

I see my partner. my friend, my mate, my lover, my teacher, my student, my pal, my muse, my partner,

my wife.

I see my wife, and this, today, this moment, is the first time I can truly say that I see where this is going, over the next half dozen decades,

and I'm overjoyed at that knowledge, that glimpse into what we will become, together.

I know it may make me sound weak...but I get so overjoyed i get weak and almost weepy...

Thank you for loving me Marie. You have the biggest heart, and the most amazing smile, and you had my love so long ago, I just hid it, wanting to preserve what we have, and now that I

can open it all up, and know you feel the same way I feel like I'm going to burst.

I can't wait to hold you, wake up in your arms, slide my hand around your waist, guide you beneath me, and me inside of you, never looking away from your beautiful brown eyes.

your smell

your touch

your skin

your smile

your sweet soft breath


Always, and I will NEVER take it for granted.

Yours, in all ways, always,


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