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2003-02-20 - 7:33 a.m.

When I go on bended knee, I'll promise her the world.

I'll promise to never let her tears hit the ground, to kiss them all away.

I'll promise to do my best each day to make her smile, and be happy, and appreciate this life we've made.

I'll promise to keep her safe, and warm, her entire life.

I'll promise to shape a life with her, to be a good father to our children.

I'll promise to never take her for granted, her amazing eyes won't let me anyways.

When I go on bended knee, I'll beg her for the chance to be the man who does those things, for the rest of our lives.

14 days.....

a ring,

a promise,

a question,(THE question)

a pause,

a yes,

a hug, a kiss,

sweeping her up, up into my arms, and never ever letting her feet touch the ground again.

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