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2003-02-25 - 1:59 p.m.

Last night before bed, Chloe was helping me with laundry and she grabbed the bleach from the shelf, and she knows she's not supposed to touch those things, so I said in a harsh serious tone "NO!!" and she got scared and dropped it, and in Hungary they don't have child-proofed caps I guess, and the bottle lid popped off, and bleach splashed up straight into her eyes.

I threw her into the shower, Barbie Nigh-nigh dress and all, flushing her eyes out with the spigot, cold water, screaming, thrashing, crying:

"Make it stop Daddy it hurts ,no more water, I can do it, make it stop"

Towels, soaked in water, eye rinse, more water, towels, naked in her big pink towel, wrapped up on the couch:

"I hate it-I hate it-Ihate it-Ihateit-IhateitIhateitihateitihateitihateit"

Not even crying, just engulfed in pain.

I held her a half hour, till the swelling subsided and she could see out of both eyes.

Called Marie, she checked on the web for how to handle bleach burns, symptoms, things I should do, and I did all right. She's okay today.

I still feel awful.

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