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2003-03-11 - 1:21 p.m.

taking her to the opera and ballet tonight.

hardest tickets to get in town for the art and culture fair that's going on here in March.

I got em. I had to buy an ex-employee and friend that I fired, back in December, Bodi, a bag of weed for him to score these tickets, since nobody could get them.

Yep, I bought my friend pot, and he became suddenly the most amazing ticket agent in Budapest.

Oh, and I bought a diamond engagement ring.

she tried rings on with me, yesterday, when we walked down Vatci Utca, as a "lark" I pulled her into a "random" jewelers and had her try on rings, and the one she's going to wear for the rest of her looks so beautiful on her.

She just stared at it.

I held her, and she swayed for a few seconds.

Then she began to breathe again.

She loved this Tiffany setting one that was around 5k, and I can't quite spend that much, so she's going to get one that's a little less than that, not much but enough that I feel bad...

I wish I could spend tons more, on her, on this, but I can't right now, not and pay for flights, and trips to Vienna and Slovakia, beaches in Croatia in the summer, Chloe, her and me...I want all those things for us, and I think that she will love the ring just the same.

I want to show her the world, castles and hills, take trains to far off places, with her, alone, with Chloe,sometimes....

I want to share with her things and discover things about ourselves that can truly be ours, and only ours.

Exclusivity. Events and places bound and inseparable to US.

I've been struggling with that, and whether or not I wanted to pour all my money into a ring, or whether I wanted to spend this year travelling and growing together.

I asked my mom, about the ring and rings, and things, and she said "Your father bought the cheapest one in the store. But he's given me 35 years and a perfect marriage , so he must have done something right when he popped the question. I'd follow him everywhere."

And she did.

And Marie, I hope she follows me. I can't buy her castles, but I can plant kisses on her sweet, beautiful lips, at the foot of every castle in the world, if she lets me.

I'm asking her, in less than 6 hours.

I'm so in love.

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