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2003-04-14 - 10:52 p.m.

Chloe woke up before me today.

She went and opened up Marie's dresser, the one she used when she was here, and the one still half filled with clothes she left when she flew home.

She would glance over at me from time to time, and if she thought she saw my eyes open, she'd rush over and tell me "shhh..get some more sleep, daddy" and push my eyelids down.

Then she would open up maries dresser, put on the clothes she liked, take them off, try others.

Then she took them off and proceeded to fold them, something I'd never seen her do....fold them up, nice and neat, and slowly, quietly shut the drawer.

Then she crawled into my bed, and got another hour's sleep or so.

I wonder how often she does things like that.

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