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2003-06-09 - 11:17 p.m.

She's sleeping, we just saw Chicago at the most beautiful theater I've ever been to.

I got a little tiny bit sniffly in there, looking over at the reflection of the film dancing on her big brown eyes, her lips mouthing the songs, and her shoulders, slightly moving to the beat of the numbers, which would brush against me every so often reminding me she was there.

I'm heading off to bed, our bed, that we've shared off and on for months, since january, thats right, going on six months as a couple.

Almost a year as friends.

You don't pick who you love, but if you could, I'm certain the one I'd fall in love with would have everything she does.

Marie is a good person, she's got such a wonderful heart and is sincere and pure and I love her with every passing day more and more.

I cannot wait for her to be my wife. I know the odds are against a couple like us from ever falling in love, let alone making it, but this time I won't put myself before us. I won't give ultimatums, or smother her in the name of love.

I am blessed.

Now I am going to slide into bed, and tell her all these things, whispering them into those cute little ears.

Morning comes too soon.

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