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2003-06-16 - 6:55 p.m.

I am really struggling being so far away from her right now. It's not easy, and I am wondering how I will make it till Sunday.

Earlier in the day, we spoke online, and I told her how i felt about her and what she was to me, and I think it caught her off guard again.

She was speechless, and said that she had no idea what to say sometimes, and that she felt that she never did enough or deserved the love I give her.

All I could think of is, I tell her so well, the feelings I have in my heart, that she is struck speechless!!!!

Marie, love of my life, you do enough for me, can't you see?

You do so much for me, love me so well, that you make my spirits soar and emotions flow from within me, with such incredible passion.

I can never say it enough, or loud enough, I love you, I need you, and will spend every day of my life honoring you and the us you are building with me.

I love you beautiful.

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