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2003-06-29 - 3:31 p.m.

"Like a glove"


"You fit around me like a glove"


"I'm going to cover you with kisses now, don't wake up"

"ok. kisses. mmmm..."

I like talking to her when she's already asleep in our bed, legs stretched out and wrapped around mine, her right arm tucked under the pillow between us.

Every guy (in love) says they are (in love) with the most beautiful girl in the world.


She's so beautiful and caring, and tender and precious to me that if any one wakes me up they are dead meat.

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35 Years old. 1971.
Taurus. Year of the Pig. Oink
Greying. Dyes, on occasion.
Blue/Green/Grey Eyes.
5'11. Okay, 5'10
215 pounds of boy
dad. married father.
love, big fan of/in
day: sr proj manager
night: pro wrestler (grr)

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