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2003-07-11 - 8:54 a.m.

Hey We just released our first video DVD at IPW, and I did the art, menus, navigation, audio and video editing...everything from print to press.

It will be in some smaller store chains, and promoted online through sites like but IPW makes the most $ if it's purchased through them.

I am on this match:

ShortBus vs. Dagon Briggs / The Bug


The entire DVD is packed with indy superstars and some of the best workers in the world. Scoot Andrews, Billy Fives, The Shanes, Rod Steel, Blue Meanie, and tons of the other guys have worked matches for the WWF/WWE and it's a good product.

Besides, I'm on it!! YAY! I look fat as hell, but whatever. You can tell people you know one of the dorks on that dvd.

It's only 15 bucks and that includes shipping, payable by PayPal ships today.

Buy The Bug's DVD

Let me know who orders this. Anyone who does and sends me a receipt I will send you something from Hungary. Promise.

/end shill

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