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2003-07-17 - 12:35 p.m.

When she walked into the studio, and smiled at me, arms filled with bags from shopping at the mall, cute little skullcap, cargo pants and tight tanktop, tanned and beautiful, and said to me..."justin, I got you a surprise or two"

An Intimissi bag, and I know I'm going to have that amazingly beautiful girl all over me in lace, or silk, or something.

A small gesture, lingerie, but seeing her in it, and out of it, makes me younger every single day.

Our intimate moments have only gotten more passionate, more real and more satisfying.

We aren't so frantic, because we feel it..that awareness that this is forever, and we can take our time getting there, together.

Wow! I found her. *THE* one.

Every single day I still ask her to marry me....and every day she says yes, and rolls her eyes.

I can't wait to share here with my family, and the world. I am in love with the most perfect woman in all creation.

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