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2003-07-23 - 11:22 p.m.

friday I have an appt to find out why I have had 15 days of nonstop headaches.

Some have kept me up all night.

I figure that it's from the one or two or three (yes, just three) concussions from wrestling.

OK three and I think one more...but I am not sure about that one, being anything but just having my bell rung.

My mom's aunt (like a sister to her) had them and then pop, brain aneuerism.

Her oldest sister had the same thing, a month of headaches, then pop! dead at 45.

Yesterday one of my photographers said that an american who had a brain tumor shot it through his skull when trying to committ suicide and destroyed the tumor and lived.

What an inspirational story! I feel better.

I think I just have a bad headache.


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