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2003-08-03 - 3:54 p.m.

here we are, in Eger, one of the prettiest cities I have seen in Hungary, and getting ready to leave it and head back to Budapest.

It was a great getaway for all three of us, at a quaint little hotel in the heart of the city, a beautiful visit to the main walkway, the bascilica, a evening watching the local ballet schools festival performance, two failed attempts at getting some Eger Bikiver ÷÷÷bulls blood÷÷÷ from the national wine museum here, and a wonderful day at the local strand, complete with whirlpool baths and mineral spa, and topped off by lunch in the park, at the middle ages themed resturant...yummy.

Now time for a 2 hour train ride through the country side back home to Budapest with the two prettiest girls in the world.

Yay, life.

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