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2003-08-15 - 6:42 a.m.

Went over tickets with Mom today. She forgets the time difference everytime. Here is every conversation we have regarding the time difference.

(mom)Hey guy, what are you doing up so late?

(me) It's 6am, time to pop in laundry and go to the gym before the girls get up.

(mom) 6am WOW!!!! I always forget the time difference!!!!!!

(me) yeah.

We are leaving the 27th. Return the 7th. It will be wonderful to get to know Marie's family, to finally meet them. Chloe is so excited about it too, and has taken to calling maries mom Gramma Lia. I know that her mom doesn't have to, but she really loves Chloe, and knows how important family is. I am just grateful to have another person in her life who loves her. That can't ever be a bad thing.

Sometimes I wonder how I will feel when her mom gets re-married and has a guy who loves Chloe as well, maybe even feels that she is a daughter to him. I would of course be jealous, and probably hurt, but when I am totally honest with myself, it is hard to find reasons to be upset that someone else sees her the way I do, and loves her.

Marie and I will also get to meet my brothers. I'm really looking forward to that. She will wonder why all we do when we get together is play videogames, and have a few beers, but that's what we do. Now that the Chexx game is coming , and will be at my brothers place for the next year, we will probably be stuck in front of that thing. It is 2500 bucks, but i MUST HAVE THE SUPER CHEXX HOCKEY GAME. AHHHH.

Oh well, I've worked hard, and in the eight months since I'vce handled sales I've done almost a half million in sales, so I deserve to spoil myself a tiny bit.

I'm not looking forward to being around the parents house for too long. They are remodelling the entire thing, and you know those time-lapse videos that everything is moving super fast in, except maybe one guy standing on the sidewalk? That one guy just stands there, as everything blurs around him?

That one guy is my dad, when it comes to remodelling or finishing things around the house. So I am quite sure it will be This Old House when we get there.

I will have to set lunch with Sandi, before she crucifies me for not answering her last long email, I'm such a shit. I will do that today. Chloe has asked when she will visit Katie and David a few times, so I gotta make time for that, for sure.

Hmm..what else? We want to head to San Francisco one day too, to go to the wharf and chinatown, Chloe's aunt from korea is there in Los Angeles, so she wants me to drive her down, and I will try to do that...then flying to Austin, back, then to new york.

This most assuredly won't be a vacation.

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