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2003-08-22 - 5:00 p.m.

Marie asked me to take it down, so here's a picture of Mr T wearing a sombrero which is funny to everyone, I think.

Some creepy lady Terribly Creepy Lady Link used to stalk and have a huge crush on me awhile back, and semi-stalked me online and in emails, not to mention wrote a bunch of entries about me continues to amuse me with her visits to my GB.

Marie and I talked about it, and since my mom found my journal, I figured I'd hold off on writing about anything too weird like sex or other things my mom will freak out about.

She loves her baby boy, her oldest son, but I doubt it's in either of our best interest to know how I take care of my bedroom duties, or how Marie and I had a fight or anything relating to the adult company's actions. She knows about my job, but probably doesn't want to hear the details of our client's business.

I figure if mom keeps her word, not to read it, or visit it... (I never explained site meter to her) then I can move entries back over here. Sorry, Shrek, but my mom happens to be pretty net-savvy and actually involves herself in my life, so I gotta be more careful to shield her from things that will only worry my mom. =)

Not that she'd know anything about having a family like that, but I don't hold that against her. It's not her fault that there aren't people in her life that actively search for her name on the old information superhighway.

If it's easier to pretend in her little world that

on one hand

" you think you know me from what I write in this journal?" you think you get all you need to know to know me from reading this thing??"

and on the other ...

"I keep nothing back. I write it all. every good and bad thing!"

makes sense, and is logical, well then who am I to shake her out of her zoloft-induced stupor?

Anyways, as long as site meter doesnt show my curious mom poking around the site, I won't have to censor too much.

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