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2003-09-09 - 3:03 a.m.

We're back in budapest.

The apartment is so empty without Chloe. It is important she get a chance to visit family, and even more importantly, be there for her mom to visit her for the next month and a half, at least give her the opportunity to,

Marie and I have come so far, together, eight months now, and I'm so proud of who we are and what we will become. We're a family, no doubt about it, Chloe, her and I. A couple times this trip I caught Chloe call Marie's still a tense moment, as I try to figure out how each will respond.

I am happy they love each other, though.

I have a year to get things sorted out financially and career-wise, as staying in Budapest no longer seems an option if we are to transition back stateside so she can resume school, and we can settle down.

Time to start saving $$ again.

I have alot of things to sort out with these two trips, the family I now have added, through Marie, and the one that is at home, struggling financially, (my parents) and probably going to depend on me again to fill in the gaps. Just means I have to work harder.

I don't mind.

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