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2003-09-18 - 9:53 a.m.

I miss her fussing about in the mornings. Wanting her breakfast, rubbing her tired eyes, wearing her pink barbie thumbelina nightgown that she loves, but is absolutely tattered.

I miss her yelling NEM MACSKA at our kitten, as it bounces against her leg, her trying to be a little authoritarian, just to be the boss of someone.

When she comes and gives me "morning hugs" I squeeze her so tight that she'll laugh and go limp, and stamp her toes trying to free herself, and the second she's free, she always rushes back into my arms for more hugs, and I miss that very much.

I know that it's important that she have time to visit and be around my family, and more importantly be available close to her mom, but I can't really see this lasting much longer, I want her back here.

Not to mention that last person who has been called "mommy" by my baby is right here with me on the other side of the globe missing her just as much. Where's the fairness in that?

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