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2003-10-29 - 9:29 a.m.

I don't understand my mom. She begs for me to let chloe stay a month and a half in california, using the fact that Chloe "may" get to visit her real mom (which of course never happens because jeonga is a fucking lunatic who can't be bothered to drive 4 hours to visit her daughter who she hasnt seen in a year) and see and visit all her cousins and uncles and great aunts....

Then I pay for her and the inlaw-grandma to come here and visit us, see us as a family, and where we live, share that with them and she books her ticket 10 days too early, basically making me have 22 days of visits, and I'm not even going to be here for 7 of those, doing work in Sofia, Prague, and wrestling in Germany.

I am not paying for vacations, I'm paying for the tickets so our two families can get to know each other, I don't have 2500 bucks sitting around doing nothing, I am always wary of our finances, but it was something that was important to both of us; having our parents here together would have set the table for the wedding, and hopefully been something really special.

Now there's like a 2 or 3 day overlap.

She's my mom, but she's fucking insane sometimes.

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