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2003-10-31 - 2:51 p.m.

Night before last marie and I were taking the subway home and we were heading up the escalator, which is on an incredibly steep incline, when something really horrible happened.

It was wednesday, so some drinking was being done by the local college kids, and some were heading down the other side of the escalator, when two of them decided to "race".

One was going against traffic, running down the UP escalator, and the other was rushing by people on the DOWN escalator, when he realized that he was going to lose to his friend who was cutting against the grain.

So he decided to hop the rail, and slide across onto the UP escalator to catch his friend.

He didn't see the ridged emergency stop buttons that caught the tip of his shoes, sending him flying out of control over the rail and onto the oncoming escalator stairs.

He flipped once, landed hard on the back of his head and neck, sprung up once and landed face first on the jagged teeth of the escalator stairs.

I hit the emergency stop, the friend of his he was "racing" ran by laughing, completely unaware of what just happened.

I yelled out "Hey idiot your friend just died"

and ran back to the guy who was laying face down as blood started to seep into the grooves of the stair.

The escalator, for who knows what reason, started up again, and I told marie to go call 911, but I think the euro # is 211 or something. She ran upstairs and told someone to stop the escalator again, which they did, and I was still bent over the guy, while his friends were screaming and yelling.

I flipped him over slowly and his eyes were wide open, not moving, and I snapped my fingers a few times and said "Look at me. You there? Dude? "

He finally looked at me, and said "I'm okay"

no. you're not.

He had 4 straight 3 inch gashes in his forehead, several small cuts on his temples, a huge gaping hole cut to the bone on his left cheekbone about 2 inches long, and a inch, two inch maybe, hole in his left cheek that was so open i could see his tongue darting around through it.

"I just want to go home"

I pulled up his shirt and wiped his eyes which were filling up with blood, hoping that there was no cut, and there wasn't, just pressure....I cleaned them up, and wiped his mouth and kept blood from going into his throat.

He kept wanting to get up, I have had, and seen tons of concussions, and he had one, was trying to adjust, sit up, and move, and I just kinda talked to him kept him awake, stationary, and talking.

He was from merced, near where I am from, and was 21, going to college here in Budapest.

He's going to have about 100 stitches or so, and will be scarred up pretty bad if he's unlucky.

He said "I'm going to be ugly now...."

I told him, "Don't worry, just come up on the girls from the right hand side, nothing wrong over there."

He let out a small laugh.

He went to the hospital shortly afterwards.

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