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2003-11-10 - 2:33 p.m.

I wonder if being blissfully in love saps the creativity right out of you.

Maybe you are so happy being happy, that your brain turns to mushy oatmeal and is only firing on all cylinders when you are angst-ridden and broken hearted.

I like going to work. I hate not knowing when Craig will decide to go sell hot dogs in japan or whatever, though.

Seriously, he and our friend Thomas, a Dane who does alot of investment in real estate and developed properties have kicked around the idea of opening a chain of hot dog trucks to attack the japanese market with their danish dogs.

A few months ago it was farming pearls in Malta. I do my best to keep this place rocking and rolling in sales and production but it is really unnerving to hear this kind of talk day in day out.

Fucking danish hot dogs.

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