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2004-04-07 - 5:28 p.m.


In my dream last night my parents had come to visit me and had somehow convinced me that leaving my six figure (with sign-on EOY bonus,yay) job was a good idea , and that taking a job in California near them to work with my Dad and brother doing fireplace design work was The Best Decision I Could Make For My Family.

We went to a cave which was a local attraction and there was a lava pit that kids were taking turns running and leaping over to show how badass and cool they were, when Marie asked me to hold her kitten.

It was a kitten that looked exactly like her cat, which is now a full grown fluffy ball of lazy, that lives at her parents'.

It was a kitten though, in this dream.

Somehow it's tail had gotten infected and my brother pointed out that there was this new cryonic or freezing technology that could be used to fix the cat and restore her to her previously healthy condition in one piece.

So we took a super-sharp knife and cut her tail off. She didn't bleed at all.

Then later on I had the knife in one hand and the kitten in the other and while adjusting my grip I accidentally sliced off the top of the kittens head.

I went to get a sandwich bag, the larger ones that hold, say, two large sandwiches, and put the top of the kittens head, and it's previously severed tail within it.

I sealed it up, yellow and blue make green.

Then, someone grabbed the kitten from me, to see the spot where it's head was cut open, and I reached out to grab it, and sliced it's shoulder off.

At this point, holding the kitten while all sliced up was Not What I Wanted To Do.

So I proceeded to put the kitten on the counter and slice it up into small manageable pieces so that it would fit into the sandwich bag, and be able to be transported around until we could reassemble it.

The kitten never cried, and the pieces of kitten that were already sliced into luncheon meat sized cutlets, continued to move as if the cat was still fully functional and unharmed.

The eyes blinked, even the slice that was half an eye, since thats where one slice ended and another, presumeably, began.

When the kitten would breath, the slices would rise and fall as air entered lungs that were no longer whole.

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