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2004-05-18 - 1:21 p.m.

Pijohos: jeff bradley said he hates euro toilets

Pijohos: becaues he took a dump and they are on the mesa

Pijohos: (re:mesa, euro toilet conversation)

Zcloud9: right. horrible.

Pijohos: and when he flushed it was standing straight up and whipped around and made a track around his seated bottom

Pijohos: he flew into a rage almost

Pijohos: understandable, to be sure.

Zcloud9: honestly, i don't want to hear about it.

Zcloud9: it's disturbing.

Zcloud9: there's a lot of things wrong with america, but dammit... we know how to make a toilet.

Pijohos: having to wash your entire ass area after you did the Right Thing, by Using a Toilet, is simply not fair.

Zcloud9: it's not fair. in fact, it's unfair.

Pijohos: whoah, don't overreact

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