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2004-06-01 - 9:15 a.m.

In my dream I was back in the air force. i ended up getting assigned to the football team.

(note: just stay with me,okay?)

I did a few practices and realized that I didn't want to be tackled by big giant guys and they already had a kicker, so I decided to quit. I went to the CBPO, like a personnel records office, and took my records and threw them away. As far as they knew I wasn't in the air force.

Then I went home and started looking for a new job. The job I ended up getting was for an Occupational instructor. I reported for work and they gave me a uniform.

It was a nazi uniform!!!!

I was suddenly in WWII-era germany and a major in the nazi germany army. I realized that they were going to lose the war and I had to escape. I met some people who had an underground tunnel system I could escape from. The tunnel led out of the base, and out into the street that my old middle school was on, in Galt.

I ended up needing groceries while hiding out and all I had was my nazi uniform, so I took off the jacket and rolled up the pants (like a dork) and went shopping at the grocery store.

While checking out I realized I still had on my big military hat. It had a big brass falcon on it, or something. I took it out and put it in a plastic bag that was laying open on the dispenser at the end of the checkout lane.

I pulled off the bag, tied it in a knot, and laid it with my other grocery items.

After heading back through my tunnel I realized I could just go home and didn't need to hide out anymore. I ended up stealing a motorcycle with a sidecar and driving it to my house.

In the sidecar sat the remains of my groceries, in plastic bags.

I got home and was laying on the floor with marie watching television when a tan jeep pulled up. The US military had sent someone since i was awol for four months, the time that I'd spent in the Nazi Army.

The guy who took me in was very nice, and was genuinely impressed that I had been given the rank of Major, in such a short period of time in the army!

I ended up convincing them that I was valuable as a source of information on the operation tactics of the nazi army, and was then released from AWOL Prison.

I went to a meeting to brief Intel on the things I observed, and they asked me to wear my uniform, but I couldn't find my hat, and was sort of embarassed that my uniform slacks were wrinkled from rolling them up, but other than that I felt like a hero.

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