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2004-06-02 - 9:49 a.m.


I wrote this to all the people in my contact list, and if you know me well, you know I never, EVER ask for anything like this. It is something very personal for me, and important beyond the words that I am using to explain.

Two years ago, my friend Jeff Peterson died from lymphoma. He, like me, was a professional wrestler who dreamed of getting a shot around the world, and of course, with the WWF (wwe). At age

19, Jeff told me that he had gotten pneumonia and needed to take some time off from wrestling and visit a doctor.

When he did, he was diagnosed with cancer.

It was hard to watch my friend die, and at such a young age. When I moved to New York, he was there for me to make sure I got help getting work wrestling in Delaware and Maryland and even New

Jersey. When I wasn't booked to wrestle, I would visit Jeff at his uncle's promotions (ECWA in Delaware) and he always picked up my spirits, when I thought that was my job, for him.

Now that he's gone, for the past few years we have ran a charity donation tournament weekend, bringing in the top independent, and WWE talent to raise money for a cancer cause and they have

been very anonymous, until this year.

There is a little girl whose family can't afford to pay for her chemotherapy and we are trying to

raise money to pay for her outstanding bills, so that she can continue to get the help she needs to stay alive.

Here is a letter from our charity fund, Cops and Kids, manager Sgt. Jeffrey P. Young...please take a few seconds to read this....

To: Whom it May Concern

The Tarpon Springs Police Departments Cops & Kids program has partnered with the National Wrestling Association of Florida (NWA) for the NWA’s 2nd

annual Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup wrestling tournament in memory of Jeff Peterson who died of lymphoma. The NWA will be donating portions of its proceeds to the Cops & Kids program in memory of Jeff, and Chief Mark G. LeCouris of the Tarpon Springs Police Department will be donating this

money to the family of Bailee Dunnigan.

Bailee and her family reside in Tarpon Springs, and her father Mike is a fellow Law Enforcement officer

with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Bailee was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL in March 2001; while she was in remission for nearly a year this terrible disease has once again

appeared. Bailee is currently battling this disease, undergoing an intense chemotherapy regiment and will be having a bone marrow transplant in the near future as well.

The family is now facing financial concerns due to the additional hospital stays, large medical bills, lost wages and are in-need of our help. We are asking that you or your company buy blocks of tickets or provide us with donations or any other items, which we could sell or auction at the

wrestling tournament to help raise additional funds which would all be turned over to Bailee and her family to offset these expenses. No donation is to small and everything done to help

in this matter is appreciated.

You can make donations and purchase tickets online at as well as or can send donations to:

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup

4532 W Kennedy Blvd #432

Tampa, FL 33609-2539

Thank you for your help, and concern with this



Sgt. Jeffrey P. Young

Now, I've never done anything like this before, and when they sent us her pictures and sent the company (NWA) some drawings she did it about broke my heart. If Chloe ever had something like

this happen I would die.

I am trying to put together as much as possible through this charity, and if you have a few dollars in paypal, I would be FOREVER grateful if you could donate even 2 or 3 dollars..Not asking

for the moon, just whatever you'd spend on starbucks or a donut or whatever, anything.

Thanks for reading through this.. I know we all get alot of stupid spam, and this was all written from the heart and is not a cut and paste deal.

I attached the link to the paypal page, all you have to do is click it and enter the amount. If you don't have paypal, the address to mail in

something is above. Anyways, thanks again, and if anyone ever needs something of this nature, I would be glad to help out and pass along the



The Donate button is on the right with the visa and mastercard logos.... Just 2 bucks is fine, if you can spare more, it is 100% going to the girl's family.



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