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2004-06-08 - 4:51 p.m.

Two very disturbing bathroom incidents today.

First one, I am washing my hands and someone came in and knocked on the end occupied stall, and said..

"Can you hand me my newspaper please?"

Then I heard rustling and stuff, indicating the gentleman in the stall was reading it at the time. Two seconds later, it was folded and pushed under the door.

The guy said "Thanks." and folded it under his arm and went out of the bathroom.

Later in the day I had to go Take Care of Business.

I was in the stall that is adjacent to the urinals. I looked up when I "felt" someones presence, and then heard someone start to pee...I looked up above the stall and saw someone looking down at me.

I yelped.

If you are so fucking tall you can see into the toilet (it's the openy kind of handicapped one) then don't stand next to the wall of the stall, end of story.

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