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2004-07-02 - 3:34 p.m.

Zcloud9: sell!

Pijohos: I can't till january!

Zcloud9: damn

Pijohos: but come january!

Pijohos: i am going to hire someone to do something cool that i haven't even thought of yet, then brag to you about it.

Pijohos: and it's going to be something *awesome* that they do.

Zcloud9: a life size bronze sculpture of the bug flying off the turnbuckle

Pijohos: i was thinking like a guy dressed like Voltron coming to your office and drinking your coffee then shoving you down

Zcloud9: haha

Zcloud9: better.

Pijohos: or a bug fountain would be rad where i am peeing water

Pijohos: made out of marble

Zcloud9: yeah!

Pijohos: and the water would be maybe red

Pijohos: i want to get so rich that i can have jumping fountains in my living room

Pijohos: those water things that jump

Zcloud9: or take out a full page ad in the new york times

Pijohos: "Does this Pile of Money make me look fat?"

Pijohos: and i would be sliding down a slide of money into a money pool while throwing money up and around, while my baby dipped in gold laughed and drank moneyade.

Pijohos: thats a good idea right there.

Zcloud9: totally.

Zcloud9: maybe there's a butler in the background holding a silver serving tray full of money

Pijohos: and he's taking the lid off it

Zcloud9: yeah!

Pijohos: as if to say "Sir, Money is served."

Pijohos: maybe theres steam coming off the money

Pijohos: and i have a big ass dollar sign belt buckle

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