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2004-12-27 - 4:53 p.m.

Since I never post anymore, Marie doesn't visit my hopefully when she's feeling down she will come across this post.Tonight will be our first obligation-free night in forever.

Today I miss you so much--more than most days. I miss spending time with you, and rushing out the door to catch dinner, tossing goodbyes back at chloe and the sitter and the distinct grind of the elevator rushing up to get us and the satisfying thunk as it locks into place on our floor.

I miss looking at you over candles wondering if I look handsome to you tonight, if you are as head over heels in love with me, the way I am, you.

I miss slinking down in a bar or cafe after dinner, finding a couch and snuggling with you, getting you to talk just so I can hear the sound of your voice and have those beautiful brown eyes staring up at me.

I miss rushing home, with Chloe already in bed, and filling a bath for you, (or us) and making you tea, drying you off...and everything that followed.

I miss making everthing but you and I irrelevant.

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