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2005-07-12 - 5:18 p.m.

HTE Karl:
Pijohos: so stupid
HTE Karl: yes feeding starving babies is dumb
Pijohos: yes.feeding babies and creating food to sustain the population that is already in excess is dumb.
HTE Karl: but no need to get back into it
Pijohos: it's stupid.
Pijohos: why don't we feed all the deer in overpopulated regions?
Pijohos: or save them from wolves in the wild?
HTE Karl: because they aren't human and we hunt them
Pijohos: and save herds of gazelles?
HTE Karl: same
Pijohos: who cares if they are humans, why do you think you are above the ecosystem and not a part of it
Pijohos: that's why people like you are going to destroy the earth
Pijohos: you are part of the world, not above it.
HTE Karl: hahahahahaha
Pijohos: you affect the world.
HTE Karl: you must be joking
Pijohos: i wish you weren't so ignorant, seriously.
HTE Karl: people like me are going to ruin the earth?
HTE Karl: how about your SUV loving kindred
HTE Karl: i'm just trying to feed people
HTE Karl: you are altering the environment
HTE Karl: unless you are for stopping feeding west of the texas
HTE Karl: otherwise we are causing 100x more problems than feeding people
HTE Karl: i was going to say west of mississippi but was having spelling issues
Pijohos: do you think that evolution has stopped?
HTE Karl: hm
HTE Karl: no
Pijohos: ok then why do you think that the rules no longer apply to human beings?
HTE Karl: name one being that overpopulated the earth
Pijohos: i dont own a suv and i carpool, you had a diesel.
Pijohos: NOW
HTE Karl: diesel is good
Pijohos: god dude you are doing this to make me crazy, dont talk to me.

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