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2005-08-18 - 10:01 a.m.

HTE Karl:

Pijohos: lots of people have dead kids and tragic stories. she's a political tool.
HTE Karl: i'm not saying i like her
HTE Karl: she's got issues
HTE Karl: but what was done was bad
Pijohos: what was DONE??!?!
HTE Karl: did you even read what i sent you?
Pijohos: read it before. go apologize to the 500,000 kurds buried in shallow graves.
Pijohos: for coming 10 years too late.
HTE Karl: link?
Pijohos: haha link
HTE Karl: let's see it
HTE Karl: next you are going to come out with rape rooms
Pijohos: you are kidding right?
Pijohos: if i talk about the holocaust are you going to ask for links?
Pijohos: or can we both move on knowing it is factual and happened?
Pijohos: do yourself a favor, search for this "Nugra Salman"
Pijohos: read about that.
Pijohos: might b e mispelled
HTE Karl: i'm not debating the gassing of the kurds
HTE Karl: i'm debating your made up number
Pijohos: 1987 they (iraqi govt and armed forces) basically did EXACTLY what the germans did in poland, hungary, czechoslovakia, by compiling lists of kurds and familes
Pijohos: why do you think its such a bad thing to keep that from ever happening again by doing something about that govt?
Pijohos: read that. it's written by leaf eaters
HTE Karl: man we should just split that country in thirds and be done with it
Pijohos: stare at that
Pijohos: war sucks. people die. tragedies occur. they do so to prevent this from happening.
Pijohos: there are so many tragic things happening to the world, en masse, to undeserved human beings that cindy sheehan's "plight" is laughable.
Pijohos: she lost her son and that's terrible and sad. It's nothing more than that, however. She has crossed over to something comical and would make her son ashamed.

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